Thursday, January 14, 2016

                                                                 I AM

             I am a glowing Sun
                      Own my on Power
                               From GOD

             My spirit is Huge
                      It fills up all dark places
                              If you could see what I really looked like
                                 Your eyes couldn't contain the brightness

                                                     The Lightness
                                                              The Joy
                                                                   The Love

I hold within me
          Parts and pieces of the World
                      I have drops of every human that ever lived and will ever be born
Within me
In my heart are tears of pain and joy
                  And when it is broken, it mends and waits to love again

Never is it all the way broken, because Love is what it's made of
That Love comes from My God, my Lord
He is Love an I am his child
I am

by Cynthia B. Williams August 27 2015

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